Worldwide Vegan Taco Day

In case you missed it, yesterday, August 4, was Worldwide Vegan Taco Day! It was not quite as popular as Vegan Pizza Day, but it went so well, I think each year it will just get bigger and better.

I arranged a vegan taco potluck dinner with my church friends, since we’re in the middle of the Dormition fast. I didn’t get to make everything I planned to, but here’s how it went….

After looking over a couple recipes, I tried making raw walnut taco meat.

One pound of walnuts in the food processor. Process until it gets a “meaty” consistency, is what I was instructed. I added a few teaspoons of soy sauce, some pepper, chili powder, cumin, coriander and cayenne.

I ended up adding a little water, too, so it would stick together more like meat. Don’t expect it to taste like ground beef, but it is really tasty.

Then I made a salsa. It was very similar to the last one, except without tequila, lemon juice instead of lime, a little olive oil added as well as cilantro.

It looked really pretty piled into the food processor like a rainbow.

I just wanted to take a picture of my vintage juicer, I love the way it looks.

One happy family. I also added salt and a little vinegar.

Here, I am sauteing onions and fresh garlic in olive oil. I started the onions first and cooked them until they were soft and *almost* clear, then added the garlic so the oil was infused with the flavors. Don’t let the garlic brown, or it will become bitter.

Then I drained a 30 oz can of black beans and rinsed and drained the beans twice to get the syrupy juice off of them before dumping them into the pan with the onions & garlic. I sprinkled them with salt and let them cook in the flavors on low heat for about 10 minutes.

This is my tahini-based “cheese” sauce: tahini, lemon juice, salt, fresh garlic (one large clove, minced), chili powder, cumin, smoke paprika, hot sauce, turmeric. It went over pretty well.

I bought El Milagro  tortillas in corn & white flour. I like this brand because A. The package is cute & B. There are hardly any ingredients. The corn tortillas are only made of corn, lime juice & salt.

The forefeast. Yes, there was baba ganouj!

When I got to C’s house, I discovered there were 2 or 3 other salsas besides mine. She even had someone cutting up veggies for another fresh salsa, and in the end we dumped ALL OF THEM into this bowl. It was weird because even though everyone’s salsa was a little different,they tasted SO good together!!

This was my tortilla work station. I love this kitchen.

I heated three tortilla shells at a time over med-high heat. They were a little crunchy, but I made sure they were still pliable. I’ve noticed the kind of tortillas with a million ingredients in them taste fine cold, but these definitely need to be heated – I don’t mind, though, because it’s fun watching them puff up! And they really do have a better flavor.

Sorry the pictures are a little blurry, the lights were low for party mode and I don’t have a flash : ) But. The taco in the back consists of my walnut mixture, black beans and avocado with tahini “cheese” sauce on a corn tortilla. The taco up front is the walnut mixture, baba ganouj and sauteed zucchini, summer squash and kale on a white tortilla. Both were amazing!

C’s tacos: Walnut mixture, salsa, black beans & tahini “cheese” with a squirt of lime.

That sounded good, so I copied her. I was right, it was good.

This bag of chips just happened to be sitting here in the kitchen next to an icon of St. Euphrosynos, the gentleman mentioned in the Artoklasia post. I love that C has this in her kitchen, I wish I had one. While we’re on the subject, let me show you a little more of the kitchen. It feels very Greek to me, even though it was filled with Mexican food last night.

Behold the tower of olive oil cans hanging next to the stove. How did she come up with this?

Everything in the kitchen is beautiful, right down to the bottled water. Why of course it’s in glass bottles, you would not find flimsy plastic in this house! Also that fan comes in very handy when you’re frying something.

Just you’re standard Orthodox sink.

Then my phone died, but hopefully I’ll be getting some more pictures from friends. Plus I might be eating & photographing more tacos today!

Speaking of the Artoklasia bread, last night we did the Artoklasia service after Vespers for the Transfiguration. This is how it normally looks, soaked with wine rather than dipped in it. It’s quite pretty!


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