Marie Catrib’s – finally!!!

The day I left for Boston, I first had lunch with N at Marie Catrib’s (check out the website, it’s really cute). This restaurant is amazing. It’s owned by a member of our parish, the recipes are all hers and they are all (or at least everything I’ve ever tried, and everything everyone I know has tried so far), excellent. Not only is the food great, but Marie is a such a dear. She comes out and says hello to customers, and she HUGS us! She brought the best food to our Lenten potlucks at church this year…I can’t say enough good things about her and the restaurant. Luckily I have millions of words worth of pictures!


Yup, this looks exactly like Marie and her son. Right down to Marie’s infamous hat.

This is the view from the back door, where we waited in line for our seat. It’s very rare to just come in and sit down, the place is always packed. It’s fun to people watch back here.

…belly up to the bar, and you might catch a glimpse of your meal being prepped.

There’s cool art everywhere, behind our table…

next to us, and all around. REB is a local artist whose work you can see all over Grand Rapids, including in the homes of a few people I know. Love the colors.

The Special. By simply reading the sign to us, the waiter convinced us both to order the vegan Larry David. It’s an open face “meat”loaf sandwich.

We also got the vegan soup.

Look at all the stuff – lentils, spinach, kale and – –

Wait, where did it go?? Oh. I ate it all in 5 seconds. Lucky I have a sandwich coming…

If you have to have double vision, this is the thing you want to see two of.

So not only are the portions huge, the food is packed with all kinds of good-for-you stuff.

And it’s so pretty…!

And did I mention it practically melts on your tongue, and the vegan mayo sauce on the toast was ah-mazing.

Gorgeous. A work of art. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to post this. At the time, N and I were going back and forth guessing all the ingredients. All I have now is the memory of wanting the taste in my mouth forever. Or almost forever…

After a while, I wanted the taste of cake.

This cake. Marie’s always has vegan and gluten free options, and sometimes vegan gluten free options! You can see why people are lining up at the door.

The perfect end to our meal: caramel, pecan and chocolate. Grand Rapids really is home to some of the best restaurants.

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