A Tale of Two Cheeses (Pizza Week Continues)

As you must surely have noticed by now, we’re in the midst of celebrating Cheesefare Week with Pizza Week. Seven glorious days of pizza! For my own personal fasting rule, this is the last week of vegan cheese for me. But the restaurant I went to today, a pizza place that offers pretty awesome vegan pizzas, had something else in mind for me.

2013313 pizzas22013313 pizzas1
Pointing right at the word vegan in the vegan pizza section of the menu, I told our waiter I would like a vegan 12″ thin crust, with caramelized onions, portabello mushrooms and spinach. They mostly gave me what I asked for. Something seemed odd, though. The cheese was perfectly melted and fluid. When I pulled off a slice of pizza, the cheese was VERY stretchy and stringy. It looked a lot like the cheese on Fr. R & Z’s pizza…

2013313 pizzas6
Their pizza was not vegan (that is BBQ tofu, though). I became suspicious. I pulled off one super stretchy strand of cheese from my pizza and squished it between my fingers. It seemed firmer than I thought it should be. Still, I was very hopeful Brick Road just really knows their stuff when it comes to working with vegan cheese. Maybe they could give me some tips. But then…I put the stuff in my mouth. The taste. Was very. Different. This was definitely not Daiya. I know you have to acquire a taste for vegan cheese, but let me tell you – after only that for the past 15 years, real cheese is pretty gross and weird tasting. Sorry. It just is. I spit it out.

Even though I wasn’t very happy about having to send back the pizza, and wait for another one while I watched my friends eat, it did provide me with a rare opportunity to compare vegan cheese and dairy cheese, something I would never, ever do under normal circumstances.

2013313 pizzas42013313 pizzas3
So. Yes, we can clearly see Daiya just doesn’t melt like the real thing. It is stretchy, but not as stretchy. It looks kind of…maybe not as appealing. I admit it. But I still love it! In fact, I just finished off the last piece of this pizza.

(By the way, the waiter was very apologetic and super nice about it, and he knocked a big chunk off my total. I still highly recommend Brick Road Pizza for vegans and non-vegans alike.)


10 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Cheeses (Pizza Week Continues)

  1. Maybe it’s just me but I think the second pizza you got looked way better than the first. One thing that bothers me about Brick Road is their consistency in creating burnt crusts.


  2. Wow, how do they give you real cheese? Well, I’m glad the waiter was super nice about it! I’ve had vegan cheese cake, and it’s ok. In my culture, dairy cheese is a huge part of our diet, unfortunately. Theres cheese at least twice a day, every day. That’s terrible! So, some time ago when I decided to change my diet and leave behind many cultural dishes, cheese was not one of them. However, i don’t have it every day anymore. Hell, I even can go almost a whole week without it now.


    • I know what you mean! Luckily there are tons of vegan versions of Middle Eastern foods traditionally made with meat, thanks to Lent, but my family eats lots of cheesy & creamy American classics, too. I think the only way you can give it up is if you really have no desire for it. If you’re going to be sad or miserable without it and it’s not hurting anyone, why give it up?


  3. Tonight I made a vegan Amy’s frozen pizza with diced jalepeno, habanero, sweet onion, and some shredded Follow Your Heart cheddar cheeze, which didn’t even melt but that’s okay. I wasn’t sure about putting cheddar on pizza, but I called my mom & she said it would be okay.


    • Haha. The thing about vegan cheese is with most brands, all the flavors taste exactly the same! At Brick Road you can’t even get all mozzarella or all cheddar anymore, they just have a blend. I think Daiya is the best for melting, but the secret is you basically have to use an entire bag on one smallish pizza. Sometimes it also helps to moisten it, by drizzling a little olive oil on it or sometimes I even sprinkle it with a little water.


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