2013 Lenten potluck #5: Yellow-Eye Beans in Coconut Milk

Only one more Lenten potluck left! Earlier this week Nadira talked about different things we wanted to try with beans. At first I thought about doing something with a tahini sauce (of course), but then I wondered about using coconut milk. Turns out it’s not a very original idea, but it is a delicious one.

2013417 beans
I picked yellow-eye beans because 1. I think they’re pretty (and they somehow look vintage to me), and 2. They have 12g protein per serving.

You could use any beans, chickpeas or even lentils. If you use canned beans, be sure to drain and rinse thoroughly. And of course, skip the soaking steps.

2013417 beans2
I prefer the quick soak method, mainly because I’m impatient.

2013417 beans3
I did 3 C beans,

2013417 beans4
and brought them to a quick boil in 9 cups of water.

2013417 beans5
Then removed them from the heat.

2013417 beans6
For some reason,

2013417 beans7
I really like watching the beans drop to the bottom of the pot once the water stops boiling. I covered the beans and let them sit for approximately one hour.

2013417 beans8
They plumped up, like this.

2013417 beans9
Drain and rinse. This will help with certain bean-related issues…. Place the beans back in the pot over medium heat.

2013417 beans10
I added part of a knob onion along with about half to 3/4 of a medium-size white onion, and 5 medium-size cloves of garlic.

2013417 beans11
Seasoned with 3 tsp salt (you could cut down a little), and turmeric, black pepper, smoked paprika, and chipotle powder to taste. I also added three black cardamom pods, after crushing them a little with the flat side of a knife to help release the flavor. Try not to crush the pod into bits, you’ll want to be able to find the pieces and take them out before you eat this!

2013417 beans12
Then I added one 13.5oz can of coconut milk.

2013417 beans13
Stir it all up…

2013417 beans14
I ended up adding about 1 C water, and more spices. It’s always good to keep tasting as you’re cooking.

2013417 beans15
Celery. I love the colors!

2013417 beans16
I cooked it for about an hour at home Tuesday night, then Wednesday I let it cook another hour at church. Although it cooked down a bit, the beans held up really well and were nice and firm. The coconut milk was not too coconut-y. Thankfully, everyone seemed to enjoy it.

2013417 dough
I also tried a variation of the raw banana bread cookie dough stuff I made the other night. I used raw sunflower & sesame seeds this time, covering them with water and soaking them overnight.

2013417 dough2
Most of the water was absorbed, and I drained what was left.

2013417 dough3
I put the mixture in the food processor with lots of cinnamon.

2013417 dough4
I forgot to take a picture of the dates I added, but here are the pits. I used about 14 pitted dates.

2013417 dough5
I forgot to take a picture of the banana I added, but here is the peel. I used one banana.

2013417 dough6
Process, process, process. Until mostly smooth. I actually didn’t try this last night, but it was well received by at least a few people. Next time I’ll remember to put it by the desserts since some people thought it was a savory sandwich filling, like my walnut taco filling.

2013417 potluck
Sweets on the potluck table. Some of the cookies were filled with peanut butter & jelly, some with a jelly candy that tasted like lychee fruit. I think the other dessert has an apricot filling.

2013417 potluck2
I didn’t move in fast enough before people starting fixing their plates, but here are a couple other things – on the far right in the crock pot, you can see someone even made Lenten Sloppy Joes.

2013417 potluck3
Apparently it was a night for beans and legumes. Nadira made a bean dish with tahini (she also made those cookie sandwiches), another friend made a yummy bean salad with fresh veggies, there was a lentil & potato curry. I went back and tried what I think was a split pea soup. There were green beans in tomato sauce, some sort of pasta, and a couple other things I didn’t get to try.

What should I do for the last potluck next week?? Maybe sushi.


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