2013 Lenten Potluck #6: Super Green Salad & Smashed Broccoli and Potatoes

Well, Wednesday we had the last Lenten potluck of the year. As usual I was quickly trying to throw things together in between work and the service, and this time, both things I made were pretty green.

2013426 potluck salad
First I whipped up a dressing made with one avocado, and mustard to taste. I used Dijon.

2013426 potluck salad2
Smash the avocado until smooth, and stir in as much mustard as you’d like.

2013426 potluck salad3
In the salad I had baby spinach, avocado, green onion,

2013426 potluck salad4
and lots of fresh cilantro. I love the smell of cilantro and green onions together.

2013426 potluck salad5
Then add the dressing, stir, eat.

2013426 potluck smashed
Recently I overheard someone at the potluck saying he likes to eat broccoli that’s been boiled until it’s rubbery and gray. That didn’t sound very appetizing, but it gave me an idea. I steamed a few heads of broccoli while half a dozen very small red potatoes baked in the oven at 500. The broccoli needs to be pretty tender, but should still be GREEN.

2013426 potluck smashed2
The insides of the potatoes were scooped out of the skins and added to the broccoli.

2013426 potluck smashed3
(pile of empty potato skins, in case you didn’t believe me or something)

2013426 potluck smashed5
All smashed up with a potato masher. I left lots of chunks.

2013426 potluck smashed6
It will need some fat. A sauce made of tahini, lemon, salt & fresh garlic is perfect.

I needed to make extra sauce for mine, so I was back in the kitchen when everyone started eating. I didn’t even try to get a picture of everything, sorry. But…

2013426 potluck plate
Here is my plate. I didn’t even get to try my own salad, but I hear it was good. I did get a molasses cookie, some pasta with a pumpkin and sage sauce, and lots of fresh fruit. I’m not sure what exactly was in the black beans & corn, but it was really good! I also had a veggie soup, and that’s what that big chunk of bread went into.

So. That’s it for potlucks, I guess – tonight we’re having a Presanctified Liturgy, but afterwards we’re going to my favorite place….


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