Vegan Cashew Cottage Cheese

Okay, I admit I wasn’t trying to make cottage cheese, I wanted to use my lovely heirloom ceramic pot to make a vegan version of laban or labneh. I guess the biggest problem is my blender is broken, so I had to use my food processor. You just don’t get the same texture. I was also trying out a new fermenting process. But…this stuff is good.

I started by soaking about 1.5 – 2 lbs of raw cashews for about 36 hours (after the first day, I drained and rinsed the nuts, cleaned the bowl, then put the nuts back in and covered them with fresh water). When I was ready to get started, I drained and rinsed the nuts again, then added them to the bowl of my food processor…

201357 cottage cheese
with plenty of salt, lemon juice, and a few cloves of garlic. It’s all to taste.

201357 cottage cheese3
You’ll need to add water, a little at a time, as it processes. Get it as smooth as possible.

201357 cottage cheese2
This was my first time experimenting with probiotic capsules. These are vegan, but check the ingredients – many contain a milk byproduct. I twisted apart 2 of the veggie capsules,

201357 cottage cheese4
and emptied the contents into my nut mixture. Process just enough to thoroughly mix in the probiotics.

201357 cottage cheese5
Now, pour the mixture into the beautiful 100-year-old ceramic pot that belonged to your great-grandmother. I covered it with a kitchen towel and left it in the cool oven for almost two days before transferring it to the fridge. I didn’t drain any of the liquids.

I didn’t taste the stuff until after the Pascha Liturgy Saturday night, and I kept thinking…what does this taste like??? When I thought I was making laban I dreamed up all kinds of uses for it, but the flavor and texture weren’t what I imagined. I guess I forgot what cottage cheese tastes like, I can’t remember the last time I ate it. Now I have a ginormous pot full of the stuff. What shall I do with it, besides add pepper and eat it with a spoon (done that already)?


10 thoughts on “Vegan Cashew Cottage Cheese

  1. This blog must be a huge scam. You’re always talking about going places with friends, eating with friends, chanting with friends … What is true? What is truth?!!!


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  4. You could make a nice farmers cheese with it, dips, and more laban. I have pecans, walnuts and cashews soaking in salt water. Soon they’ll be in the dehydrator . . . and I can make many joyful things with them.


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