for a good cry, and a good time…

This mornings’s post is not food related, but consists of two of my other loves: crying, and snail mail. Let’s start with crying.

Have you seen the “Clouds” video by Zach Sobiech yet? Below is a tribute video made by celebrities, and you can easily find the original video and the whole story about Zach by doing a little googling. What an awesome kid.

(Apparently these people are famous. I don’t know who 90% of them are!)

nationalpostcardweekIn other news, this week is National Postcard Week! So far I sent out two cards from ArtPrize that weren’t necessarily intended to be postcards, one from my trip to Boston, three vintage postcards from Spain (never been there, found them at Salvation Army), and one handmade postcard. This little project makes me feel like making tons more of my own postcards. Did you participate? It’s not too late to send a postcard still today!

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