Dashboard Cookie Experiment

Well, it’s been pretty hot here lately, so I decided to do an experiment and see if I could bake up some dashboard cookies! It’s supposed to take 4 to 5 hours.

2013717 dashboard cookies
I just used my simple peanut butter cookie recipe,

2013717 dashboard cookies2
and dropped the dough (more like a thick batter) by the spoonful onto a baking sheet covered in parchment paper.

2013717 dashboard cookies3
Here you can see what it looked like to begin with. I did use 2 bananas, which I don’t normally do. Technically I should since one banana is supposed to equal one egg, but that always seemed too banana-y to me. But I had two brown bananas.

2013717 dashboard cookies4
Anyway. Here they are on the dashboard. It was about 87 degrees F out when I put them in, and my car had already been closed up for about an hour and was pretty hot inside. Next time I’ll remember my thermometer.

2013717 dashboard cookies5
Half an hour later, they have begun to spread.

2013717 dashboard cookies6
After 1 hour, they’re not quite as shiny any more. They appear to be firming up, just slightly. It was now more than 90 degrees.

2013717 dashboard cookies7
After more than 5 hours, and about 94 degrees outside. They were starting to get pretty firm around the edges, but the rest of the cookie was really, REALLY soft. It was the end of my work day and I had a hair appointment, but I didn’t want to give up just yet. So…

2013717 dashboard cookies8
I decided to keep them on the dash and drive with the windows up and no air conditioning. The things we do for love (of cookies)! It was a 20 minute drive. Ugh.

2013717 dashboard cookies9
After the hair appointment I checked the cookies again. They hadn’t changed much, they were firm around the edges but extremely soft in the middle. I rolled all the windows down for the drive home.

2013717 dashboard cookies10
They were at least firm enough to pick up without falling apart,

2013717 dashboard cookies11
but the bottoms were still shiny, and the middle…

2013717 dashboard cookies12
really gooey. My dad tried one. He said they were “alright. They have a unique texture.” I’m not through with this experiment, though. Next time I’m going to try my other recipe using the same ingredients but one less banana, with some oatmeal flour to absorb some oil. Maybe they’ll bake up firmer. Or maybe it just needs to be 100 outside…I guess if you have to live in extreme heat (or what seems extreme to me, anyway), you might as well get cookies out of it. And your car will smell delicious.


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