vegetable saute

During the fasting periods, people often say they cannot think of a thing to eat. Well, here’s an easy one to remember – something called…vegetables. Grocery stores are usually filled with them. And there are lots of easy ways to prepare them. For example, if you are using vegetable oil…

20131116 vegetable saute2
Heat oil, or melted margarine, in a pan. Add such things as onions, carrots, bell pepper, Brussels sprouts (cut off the hard stem. I also like to cut mine in half). Season them with salt, pepper, garlic, perhaps a little dill or whatever else you like. Vegetables are like a blank canvas. I like to cook mine quickly over medium heat and brown them.

20131116 vegetable saute3
Maybe add some button mushrooms. Experiment with different kinds and colors, it’s good to eat a variety.

20131116 vegetable saute4
Serve with a baked potato (I like a lot of Smart Balance on my potatoes). It’s really good when you kind of mash up the potato and eat a bite of it with the vegetables. Sprinkle everything with a little nutritional yeast, if you have it.

That wasn’t so hard, was it? :)


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