Gursha menu

So, on my second trip to Gursha in Kentwood, MI, I took a couple shots of the menu. You can’t see the whole thing, but it gives you a pretty good idea of the variety and prices of both the vegan/vegetarian items & the meaty stuff.

20140220 Gursha Menu1
Okay, now that I’m looking up close at the menu myself, I see they do have an Ethiopian Salad! (someone asked on my last post) At Little Africa, the closest thing to this is the tomato salad – it’s just romaine lettuce & tomatoes with lemon, oil, salt, and garlic.
Anyway, as you can see, the appetizers and sides are very reasonably priced.

20140220 Gursha Menu2
I really like that the vegetarian/vegan entrees are cheaper than the meat & fish. Usually it seems like the more you take out of a dish (meat, eggs, dairy), the more it costs. And that VegeCombo for $9.99 includes one serving of each of those sides we saw on the previous menu page!

20140220 Gursha Takeout
Here’s a close-up of the Komodoro Fetfet, our favorite so far. The dressing on it is just like what you get on the tomato salad at Little Africa, but there are also green bell peppers and jalapenos mixed in the salad, along with torn up, juice-soaked pieces of injera. I believe the addition of the torn injera is what makes a dish a “fetfet”.
I think that’s misser wat in the back left corner, and takil gomen alicha on the right.

20140220 Gursha Takeout2
In this box we have gomen, shiro, kik alicha, qosta, and more takil gomen alicha. You get one free side with your entree, btw.

I also want to add this: last night I was up until the wee hours replying to comments from a certain reader. I think she read my entire blog in one night. Is anybody else out here with us? I just love hearing from you all! Feel free to comment anywhere on the blog, or over on the OhSheCooks facebook page. We can talk about food all day. It’ll be great!

5 thoughts on “Gursha menu

  1. Thank you thank you for the shots of the menu! I’m really hoping I can check it out soon. I’m so excited! And I am also one that can talk about food all day, all week long. Food food food.


    • Honey, you are a girl from my own heart! I still think we need some kind of Grand Rapids Bloggers Association – no wait, we’ll call it Grand Rapids Association of Bloggers so we can have a pronounceable acronym. Gursha might become our hangout.

      Oooh, I should’ve mentioned this in the blog, they don’t take credit cards. Stop at an ATM on your way!


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