Oat Mozzarella

2015-3-11 Vegan Oat Mozzarella
So Monday, along with a cheddar-ish coconut milk cheese, I made up a batch of this oatmeal cheese from Big Raw Blog. I have to admit I made some substitutions, and the flavor was a little too light for my tastes. I replaced the tahini with coconut milk because I happened to have it on hand, and I used less nutritional yeast because I happen to be running out. And then what happened? I ended up using it for the dish I’m bringing to the potluck tonight, and I had to add tahini and nutritional yeast back in!

You can slice and spread this cheese, but it doesn’t melt too well and certainly can’t be grated. The best thing about it is the simple ingredients, though, and it’s really just a basic recipe waiting for you to spice it up and turn into somethin’ special. I’m probably going to be messing with this recipe all week.

And tomorrow I’ll show you how I used it in my potluck dish. I actually managed to get everything prepped last night (or this morning, 3am, whatever) so all I have to do today is pop it in…in…in that dreadful commercial convection oven! But I’ll cover it this time, and turn the temp down. I think it’s going to be fine. I hope.

P.S. As is, this recipe is oil free and perfect for a strict fasting day!

8 thoughts on “Oat Mozzarella

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    • Hmm, I’ve only made it once and used the quick oats, I’m not sure what would happen – I’m guessing it would change the texture, but might still work as a binding agent.


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