Grilled Cheez n Beans

This afternoon we will take a brief departure from Greenlite Meals so I can get these pictures out of my phone :)

Whenever my brother comes home, he buys a bunch of random food and then doesn’t eat half of it. I think we still have pickled watermelon rind from last summer tucked away in the back of the fridge. I dunno what else he left behind, but Sunday I found a package of steamed beans. I dunno what possessed me to put them in a sandwich, but it worked.

2015-6-4 Grilled Cheez Beans Vegan
I also tried Daiya Chive & Onion Cream Cheese-style Spread for the first time. The texture is slightly different than dairy cream cheese, not sure what it is…but I loved the flavor. I have a feeling you’ll see this repurposed in a couple recipes here, but first I wanted to use it as it’s meant to be, just a plain old spread.

2015-6-4 Grilled Cheez Beans Vegan2
Sandwich stuff. The beans were bland, so I added a little Tabasco sauce and salt.

2015-6-4 Grilled Cheez Beans Vegan3
Spread the inside of two slices of bread with the cream cheese, and the outside with margarine.

2015-6-4 Grilled Cheez Beans Vegan4
Place the first piece of bread margarine side down on a skillet over medium low heat, spoon the beans over the cream cheese side. You can put as much as you want, but remember it might get a little messy to eat. Top with Daiya shreds,

2015-6-4 Grilled Cheez Beans Vegan5
then the second piece of bread cream cheese side down. Cook each side until golden brown.

2015-6-4 Grilled Cheez Beans Vegan6
I don’t really recommend cutting the sandwich in half, I just thought it would look nice for the picture :) It wasn’t as messy to eat as I imagined, though – I think all the melty cheese and cream cheese held it together. The flavor was sort of like a bean burger with extra onions and sour cream, but without all the work.

I am also imagining replacing the beans with tortilla chips sprinkled with Frank’s Redhot Sauce. You can put just about anything in a sandwich. I love sandwiches. What’s your favorite?

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