Vegan at the Dollar Store: Frozen Foods

Last night I stopped at Dollar Tree after someone posted a picture of a couple new items in What Fat Vegans Eat. I know dollar store food can be kind of not the best quality. After all, it costs a dollar. But still…

2015-6-7 Vegan Dollar Tree Chef Ernesto
I wanted to try it. I grabbed a package of Jennifer’s Garden spring rolls, and samosas, veggie burgers, and battered mushrooms from Chef Ernesto. You will notice the Chef Ernest items are marked “100% Vegetarian.” They are, in fact, 100% vegan!

2015-6-7 Vegan Dollar Tree Chef Ernesto2 And they all looked pretty good out of the box, too. I baked all of these, although you also have the option to pan fry, deep fry, or microwave, depending on the item.

2015-6-7 Vegan Dollar Tree Chef Ernesto3
The veggie burger came out beautifully browned, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It’s slightly smaller than a Qrunch Burger, but the perfect size for those cheap store-brand buns. Pretty spicy, but not overwhelming. They are made without soy and held together by potato, and I’m pretty sure they’re gluten free. The burgers come two in a box. The spring roll wrappers were nice and crunchy. The filling is minimal, but good enough for the price – even a tiny bit better than I expected. They have a good flavor, but nothing special. I’d still get them again. I was skeptical about the battered mushrooms, I figured there’d be a ton of batter and a tiny piece of mushroom underneath it somewhere. That was not the case, there was just the right amount of batter for a big piece of mushroom. The real problem I had is the batter never really got crispy. Maybe if I gave them an extra 5 minutes in the oven. I also wish the instructions would’ve suggested turning them halfway through. Finally, those cute little samosas! They are mostly filled with potato, with maybe two or three peas thrown in. They were loaded with spices, though, had a good flavor, and a flaky crust. I don’t mind eating potato samosas, I’d do it again.

2015-6-7 Vegan Dollar Tree Chef Ernesto4
In case you’re interested in the ingredients, this is for the veggie burger.

2015-6-7 Vegan Dollar Tree Chef Ernesto5
The Battered Mushrooms.  

2015-6-7 Vegan Dollar Tree Chef Ernesto6

2015-6-7 Vegan Dollar Tree Chef Ernesto7
Spring rolls.

19 thoughts on “Vegan at the Dollar Store: Frozen Foods

    • I know! It’s gotten better and better over the past couple years. I’m just waiting for the vegan ice cream to appear…I’ve seen sorbet, but I want a good, fattening vegan ice cream for $1!

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  1. I hanker for those mushrooms, I miss store-bought battered mushrooms, and I’m rubbish at battering and deep frying from scratch. Every time I look at them in this country they always have egg and/or milk. I will keep looking though!


  2. Oh interesting! Our local Dollar Store is so tiny in our new city- it does not contain much of anything. I’ll have to see if there is another one in the area to find these and try them out. I’m amazed that the fat content is not as bad as what I expected at first. Normally vegan packaged burgers do have a lot of fat but these are rather good compared to other brands. :)


    • I think it’s because it’s basically just made of veggies with spices and oil. If you can find a Dollar Tree, they seem to really be expanding the food options. I even saw little cans of high quality coconut milk, but…$1 is too much for those little cans!


  3. I have had the Mini-Samosa’s and I must say for a $1 it is a fair amount of food for a single-person and has a suprisingly short and sweet indgredient-list… I was pleased with their quality for the price in which they’re sold! I suggest making some Raita [dill, cucumber and yoghurt sauce] to go along with them, it was a very nice, quick, and tasty addition to the package of 8 Mini-Samosas.


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  5. When I see made in India I eat confidently knowing quality will be good, the higher spice level is only drawback but I have got used to it and love it. Unfortunately I need to stock these as they are always sold out I dont know if any other store sells these I would also like to try the samosa if they are not spicy


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