Daiya Cheezy Mac Review

I want to tell you about a very exciting experience I had a few months ago. I follow Daiya Cheese on facebook, and there I learned about a new product: Daiya Cheezy Mac. I love Daiya products, and this one sounded particularly interesting because basically all you have to do is boil macaroni, drain, squeeze, stir. EAT. Did I mention the macaroni is gluten free? It’s made with brown rice and rice bran.

Vegan Mac n Cheese
The packaging itself is pleasing to the eye. I didn’t want to throw the boxes away – I’m a hoarder, so I kept thinking, “There must be something I can do with these boxes!!!!!!!” I haven’t come up with anything yet, but one day…oh yes, one day I will.

Vegan Mac n Cheese
“Rejoice,” they say. And I did!
Vegan Mac n Cheese
Now take notice, the orientation of the image and text is different on the front and back. Prefer landscape to portrait? Daiya has you covered.
I tried the Deluxe White Cheddar Style Veggie first because more is better when it comes to cheezy mac.

Vegan Mac n Cheese
These are the contents right here, everything you need but the pot and water. The ready-to-use cheez sauce comes in a handy squeeze pouch.

Vegan Mac n Cheese
The veggies don’t look too impressive at first, but if you have seven to eight minutes worth of patience…

Vegan Mac n Cheese
they will plump right up.

Vegan Mac n Cheese
Now add that sauce! STIR.

Vegan Mac n Cheese
Each box claims to make three servings. This is what one serving looks like in my soup bowl.

Vegan Mac n Cheese
And this is the amount I thought I would actually eat, it’s about half the box. In reality, I ended up eating the whole entire thing, 900 glorious calories, in one sitting.

Basically it tastes like the sauces I’ve made myself by melting down the Daiya shreds in almond milk and seasoning it with salt and pepper (except no pepper in this one). So I have a food blog, obviously I don’t mind cooking, but sometimes even I need a break. Now instead of eating a candy bar for dinner, I can have a real meal in 10 minutes. And it provides a good dose of calcium & Vitamin B12, plus a little protein and iron.

And now you can enjoy pictures of me squeezing the cheez sauce into the macaroni.

Daiya Cheezy Mac

Daiya Cheezy Mac 4
There was *just* enough cheez sauce. The macaroni wasn’t swimming in it, but it wasn’t skimpy either. Now, you only need 10 minutes to have a meal straight out of the box, but if you have 20 minutes you can fatten this up all kindsa ways. Later this week I’ll share my breakfast skillet recipe.

Did your mom ever put weird stuff in your mac n cheese when you were a kid? Mine did, and I’m going to recreate that recipe and see if it’s as gross now as I thought it was back then (sorry mom, I love you!). Have you tried Daiya Cheezy Mac yet? What did you think?


30 thoughts on “Daiya Cheezy Mac Review

    • Wow, thanks for introducing me to Daiya Mac n Cheeze! I didn’t even know it existed until this post! Does it taste like the Daiya cheeze shreds? Or does it actually taste like Mac n cheese (if you can remember what it tastes like!)? Regardless, I’d love to give it a try! I absolutely love that there are veggies with the white cheddar box! It would make me feel slightly better about eating boxed Mac n cheeze, haha 😊 great post! I’m excited to check out the rest of your blog! xx


      • Oops, I missed this one!
        It tastes similar to the shreds, but it’s like if you melt them down into a sauce with almond milk and a little margarine, and definitely extra salt. I probably don’t remember what cheese tastes like anymore, so I just know this is good :)

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  1. We think so alike! I was going to write a review of the Daiya boxed Mac N Chez too. I had the “cheddar” one. You went all out and had all three – go you! What did you think of the taste?


    • It’s a little salty, but I like it (but then I also LOVE salt!). Sometimes when there’s hard-to-get sauce left in the squeeze pack, I use my teeth and squeeze it into my mouth :)
      I can’t wait to read your review!

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      • So I’m not the only one that does that to get the last few drops. ha-ha I hope you don’t mind but I mentioned your review of the same Daiya products on my blog that I was writing at the same time as you. So funny how that works out. I placed a link in my posting to your site. Have you found Daiya Yogurt in your stores yet? I noticed it is out in some places just not ours. There is also cheesecake but I have been waiting for a special occasion for that one.

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        • Oh, I don’t mind at all, thank you! I’ll have to pop over and read your review now!
          I haven’t seen the yogurt yet. We just finally got the cheezecake here, I really like that. I’ll be posting a recipe with it soon. Might have to try to make another trip to Whole Foods to check for the yogurt!


  2. Hi Katherine!
    The noodles look so yummy! What a pity that we don’t have them in Italy :/ But I enjoyed your post anyway :)


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  4. How did I not know this exists? I LOVE Daiya (at least the cheddar shreds and slices.) They’re my splurge. But I had no idea this was around. I also haven’t tried the Vegan Mac N Cheese from Amy’s yet (made with Daiya.) I loved the original version, but her the vegan version was “meh.” Anyway, good to know!

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    • This is relatively new, and not widely available (yet!). I only learned about the Amy’s mac n cheese recently. Luckily they sell that my local grocery store, I’m planning to do a comparison soon with different boxed & frozen brands. Exciting times we live in!


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