Unboxing: VioLife Cheese

I’ve been saving this bit of happy news for so long, I thought I was going to explode! But now that Cheesefare Week is upon us (and therefore, PIZZA WEEK!!!! Starting tomorrow, March 7), I can finally share. A few weeks ago I posted some tracking information on my facebook page and asked people to guess what was being delivered. You can bet I was checking the tracking multiple times a day, I was so excited…because…I was getting samples of VioLife vegan cheese, all the way from Greece! I made another silly little unboxing video so you can experience my joy.

This time I just completely drowned out my voice with the music, I really don’t add anything :p

VioLife Vegan Cheese
Originally I was going to save all this glorious cheese for Cheesefare week, but then I realized…this is a LOT of cheese! I don’t think I can eat it all by myself in one week. So I’ve already sampled some and have a few things to share. But I’ll also be trying it out on pizza all week long.

I hope you are all prepared for Pizza Week, and I hope some of you will join me in enjoying at least one piece of pizza every day until (Orthodox) Lent begins. I’m going to get my dough rising for pizza crust right now. See you tomorrow, for the first day of Pizza Week!

Lovely Letter from the BFF

It’s been a while since I shared any of my snail mail with you. I haven’t been sending out a ton of it myself lately, but today I received something from my BFF.

2015-2-24 squirrel snail mail stationery
This is actually from a set of cards I gave her for Christmas, I found them at Salvation Army (we like to do cheap, free, or homemade gifts). I thought the needlepoint squirrel was so sweet! When she opened the package, it turned out it was printed on plain old paper – not even card stock! But it does the job.

You may notice she colored around the edges of the envelope to make it extra special. Thanks, BFF!

2015-2-24 cursive stationery letter
It is so very rare people our age write in cursive anymore, and to top it off I think she wrote with a felt-tip pen. I love the thick, gorgeous letters. That is my Lenten treat for today :)

RAH Christmas!!!

I haven’t posted much about snail mail lately, so I thought I would share one of my favorite Christmas presents (pretty much everything I got was a favorite thing!). Even though it’s not a full subscription, I’m pleased to be back on the Rad and Hungry mailing list. Here’s the first package I received, we’ll open it together:













I love writing on grids, one letter per square, so I’m looking forward to putting this notebook and pen to use. The tape dispenser is such a pretty red, and I have a weird thing about collecting string. So yeah, I’m very pleased with the Slovenia kit!!