lunchbreak favorites

Yesterday I told you about my vegan hot dog lunch at Marie’s. I can never eat my whole meal there, and I’m so glad because it means I can have the leftovers for lunch the next day. I have to say…

2013719 leftovers lunch break
second to actually going to Marie’s or Little Africa for lunch, my favorite way to spend a lunch break is definitely leftover vegan dogs and round of Candy Crush. I’m hooked.

odd search term of the month

As you may have noticed, I tend to keep a close eye on the search terms used to find this blog. So, imagine my surprise today when I saw I was discovered using the following, and I quote: “lots of chilli on pizza butt hurts”.
Seriously? I googled it, and lo and behold, OhSheCooks is the very first website that pops up. Just to be clear, I have never, not even once (until now), written about butthurt on this blog. Haha – maybe I should!

Anyway, another crowning achievement for my Number One page!

new page

Just a quick note to point out the new page I’ve added to the blog entitled “Number One“. I like checking out all the weird (and sometimes not so weird) search terms people have used to find the blog, and I especially love it when OhSheCooks is the very first listing for the search. So, here is a page celebrating my little victories.

Also, I would like to apologize to my wisdom tooth for my insensitive comments yesterday. It turns out my teeth are perfectly fine, there was some other issue causing the problem and it should go away within a few days. I already feel much better, so now I have no excuse for not blogging!