Pizza Week 2016, Day 1: Breakfast Pizza

It’s here, guys – Pizza Week is HERE!!! And I got started bright and early with a breakfast pizza. Now, I have to admit I lied yesterday when I finished my VioLife post by saying I was off to get my pizza crust started. I went to a party, came home and slept on the couch, got up at 3 to clean the kitchen, and made the dough around 3:45am. I didn’t realize I was almost out of flour, and the only yeast in the pantry…expired in 2010! But I decided to try it anyway, maybe it was still okay………

Well, this morning I checked my lump of dough safely set aside in the draft-free oven. It was REALLY cold in that oven! And the dough hadn’t risen at all. But I was not deterred, I would just have a flatbread pizza, simple as that.

Vegan Breakfast Pizza with VeganEgg and VioLife Cheese
And if you don’t mind my saying so, I think it turned out pretty darn well. In fact, it is beautiful.

Anyway, you can use your favorite crust recipe or a store-bought crust, or try my old favorite recipe from a vintage TimeLife cookbook. As for the toppings…

Vegan Breakfast Pizza
Crust of choice
1/4 – 1/2 C chopped onion (to taste)
1/4 – 1/2 C chopped bell pepper (to taste)
One serving VeganEgg, prepared scrambled
Salt & pepper to taste
Olive oil
Garlic powder, to taste
VioLife Prosociano (Parmesan), or other favorite vegan cheese

Preheat oven to 500.
Saute onions and bell pepper in oil just until tender. Set aside.
Prepare scrambled VeganEgg, seasoned with salt and pepper.

If you’re using a homemade pizza dough, oil your pizza pan, roll out the dough to desired thickness, and place dough on greased pan. If you’re using store-bought, just stick the crust on the pan :) Lightly drizzle crust/dough with olive oil and spread evenly. Sprinkle with garlic powder. Top with sauteed veggies and scrambled VeganEgg.

Bake for 5 – 10 minutes, or until crust is nicely browned. Remove from oven and immediately top with shaved Prosociano. If you’re in the US, we don’t have VioLife yet :( But you can use your favorite vegan parm, mozzarella, nutritional yeast, or just skip it!

But seriously…as soon as VioLife is available here, you MUST try the Prosociano. It’s a hard cheese with a great salty, nutty, and slightly sharp flavor. I’m going to be so sad when it’s gone, who knows when I’ll be able to get my hands on more??? If you’re ever in Greece or the UK, I recommend pulling an I Love Lucy-type move to smuggle it home – put a hollow prego-belly on under your shirt, and fill it with VioLife.

More pizza to come all week, more VioLife reviews, and a proper VeganEgg review coming soon!!!

Pizza Week 2015, Day 7: Chili Cheese Chick Dog Pizza

Figured I better get caught up and post my last pizza tonight since it will make me incredibly sad to look at pictures of pizza once Lent starts. TOMORROW. Lent. Starts. Tomorrow!

Well, for some of us, anyway. For Sunday dinner the rest of my family decided to have chili cheese dogs. I love chili-cheese-just-about-anything, so why not just replace the bun with a pizza crust?

2015-2-22 Vegan Chili Cheese Pizza
So this is just my standard crust, and I used chili for the sauce – nothing fancy, just sauteed onions, refried beans, petite diced tomatoes and some of the juice, and pepper, chili powder, garlic, cumin, and Frank’s Redhot Sauce to taste.

2015-2-22 Vegan Chili Cheese Pizza2
I wasn’t going to buy anymore cheese after picking up a package of Chao yesterday, but today I grabbed these veggie shreds – the purple bag is vegan! It says so right on the bag (green is just lactose free). Normally I’d go with Daiya cheddar, but the stores that carry it around here were closed…and Veggie Shreds are cheaper.

2015-2-22 Vegan Chili Cheese Pizza3
Now, this may not look like a layer of hotdogs, and that’s because it’s a layer of CHICK dogs. This is a great filling for hotdog buns, and it worked very well on the pizza, too.

2015-2-22 Vegan Chili Cheese Pizza4
I like sauerkraut, onions, and mustard on my chili dogs – you can also add pickles!

2015-2-22 Vegan Chili Cheese Pizza5
And finally, Field Roast Chao slices. This was a real splurge for me, apparently it’s way more expensive in my area, maybe because we just have a couple little health food stores. It was on sale for $5.49, normally $7.39! This is the Coconut Herb flavor with black pepper.

2015-2-22 Vegan Chili Cheese Pizza6
I baked it at 425 for about 20 minutes, and 450 for another 5 minutes or so. The Chao didn’t really melt, it just got soft and, well, sort of translucent.

2015-2-22 Vegan Chili Cheese Pizza7
Still, it went very well with the rest of the toppings. I ate half the pizza at dinner time, and now I’m going to try to finish it off!

I’m going to do a separate post on Chao slices, but I will tell you now why I prefer Daiya to Veggie Shreds. The Veggie Shreds melt SO well, just beautifully, and the flavor is pretty good. But when you eat it, it kind of sticks to the back of your teeth and has an odd texture. I find myself wanting to scrape my teeth after each bite. However they are $2 cheaper than Daiya and can be found at Meijer, super convenient. And the negative qualities seem to make it more Lenten somehow :)

Anyway, thank you all very much for celebrating Pizza Week with me yet again. And don’t worry, we still have Vegan Pizza Day to look forward to!

Cherry Amaretto Coconut Bliss and an Everything Cookie

Yesterday I stopped at Harvest Health and found Larry & Luna Coconut Bliss on sale, so I grabbed some for Cheesefare weekend.

2015-2-22 Coconut Bliss Earth Fare
I still had a couple of my Earth Fare Everything cookies left, but it actually was missing one thing…

2015-2-22 Coconut Bliss Earth Fare2
great big chunks of black cherry :)

2015-2-22 Coconut Bliss Earth Fare3
I let the Coconut Bliss get all melty next to the freshly-baked cookie and ate a bite of each together. Might have to do the same tonight (THREE HOURS LEFT!). I love Coconut Bliss ice cream, might have to find a way to keep it from melting in my Pascha basket this year.