Meaty Grilled Cheese n Crackers

So, I mentioned earlier I got my hands on a box of Earth Balance cheddar flavor squares. Of course they’re great right out of the box, but what else can you do with them? I filled a grilled (Daiya) cheese sandwich with them!

A few slices of Tofurky Roast Beef-style deli slices, a handful of crackers, and a handful of shredded Daiya cheddar. Processed food at its finest.

The crackers give the sandwich a little extra saltiness, and a nice crunch.

Oh yeah, funny story about this bread. As I was about to put it away I noticed the ingredient list on the bag. I said to the BFF, “Look how many ingredients are in this bread! There must be at least 27 ingredients, it’s ridiculous!!!” (27 is the number I like to use to describe an excessive amount) We then complained about store bought bread and talked about how we know we should be baking our own bread at home for this very reason (well, plus freshly-baked bread is just wonderful). Then I turned the bag over. It was 24 grain bread. I didn’t know there that many grains. It was good bread.

Toasted Open Olive Spread Sandwich

Using the Salad Olive Spread, I made these simple open veggie sandwiches.

Cut open a round of pita bread lengthwise, and spread with, well, the spread!

Add veggies.

Toast in the oven on the low broiler setting until the edges of the bread are crisp, and veggies have softened.

Oil free and perfect for a strict fasting day!

so Lenten: tahini & raisin sandwich

You know the So Delicious brand? Well this sandwich is So Lenten. Sometimes I really have a hard time coming up with new things to eat. This one is pretty simple…

Grab a couple slices of your favorite Lenten bread. Spread a little tahini on each slice, sprinkle with cinnamon. Lettuce on one side, raisins on the other.

Now it’s a sandwich. Enjoy.

P.S. Oil free and perfect for a strict fasting day!