sandwiches time

Tuesday night while I was doing all my last minute stuff getting ready, I decided to make a sauerkraut sandwich in honor of our layover in Germany.

2013531 sauerkraut
I toasted a couple slices of very dense rye bread, spread a little toom on each one, topped them with sauerkraut…

2013531 sauerkraut2
and added some Thousand Island dressing. Super fast and easy, and very addicting!

avocado sauerkraut sandwich

Here’s a quick one:

2013510 avo sauerkraut
On Feldkamp Fitness Bread, one side with refried beans, sauerkraut & mustard, the other side has mashed avocado and a little salt.

2013510 avo sauerkraut2
Makes a very delicious, messy, sandwich.

2013510 avo sauerkraut3
I recommend having a few napkins nearby, or maybe eat it with a knife and fork. It’s worth the mess, though. It’s also oil free and perfect for a strict fasting day!