Fatally Yours Valentine’s Day Chocolates by Vegan Treats

Fatally Yours Chocolates by Vegan Treats
You guys….YOU GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUYS, this year I finally broke down and bought myself a box of Fatally Yours Valentine’s Day chocolates from Vegan Treats. I’ve been wanting these for years and years. Every year I tell myself they’re too expensive. Then after a while I think, “Hey, you only live once!” But by then they’re sold out :( But not this year. This year I didn’t even wait to see them advertised on facebook. I looked them up sometime in January and ordered them immediately without thinking twice.

I’ve been kind of obsessed with idea of doing unboxing videos for the blog, so here’s my first! I’ve already made a few others.
I did make a mistake in the video – the caramel oozed out of the big skull and onto the little heart, it’s not coming from the little heart. I’m sure you really care.

Fatally Yours Chocolates by Vegan Treats
It is so lovely a thing, I don’t even regret the hefty price tag. The chocolates are handmade, gorgeous, and delicious! And vegan!!!! And made in limited quantities, so what can you expect? Well, you can expect high quality and fine details, and everything a girl could ever want in a super morbid box of Valentine’s Day chocolates.
The box itself is something I want to keep forever and forever, plus there’s a Vegan Treats postcard, a decal, and two buttons.

Fatally Yours Chocolates by Vegan Treats
I’ve always been partial to skulls, maybe that’s why I like being an Orthodox girl so much :) I don’t know what is wrong with me, but one year when a friend was really hating Valentine’s Day, I made him a card to commemorate the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre instead. It was an awful card, but it was also pretty cool…and Valentine’s Day has never been the same for me. And then I found this!!! Included are:

Fatally Yours Chocolates by Vegan Treats
Two White Chocolate Mummies in a Chocolate Peanut Butter Sarcophagus, Two White Chocolate Humerus Bones

Fatally Yours Chocolate Skulls by Vegan Treats
One Hazelnut Praline Crunch in an Abysmally Dark Chocolate Skull (the little guy), One Caramel Cookie Stix Skull (the big guy) – that’s basically a vegan Twix bar in the shape of a skull!!!! And one Black Coffee Blues Caramel Cup Rose Heart

Fatally Yours Chocolate Hearts by Vegan Treats
Two Anatomically Correct Hearts filled with Marshmallow Chunk Speculoos Filling

Fatally Yours Chocolates by Vegan Treats
Two Magic in the Stars Constellation Chocolate Mousse Souffl├ęs, Two Passionless Fruit and Madagascar Vanilla Bean filled Swiss Chocolates with White Chocolate X

Fatally Yours Chocolates by Vegan Treats
Two Paint Spatter Fluted Chocolates with “Black as Your Heart” Raspberry Filling, and One Moon & Stars Blood Red Velvet

Fatally Yours Chocolate Skeletal Hands by Vegan Treats
Two White Chocolate Skeletal Hands

Fatally Yours Chocolate Planchette by Vegan Treats
One Giant Chocolate Planchette – it’s not mentioned in the booklet, but when I unwrapped it I could smell peanut butter, and it does appear to be filled. Oh, what booklet, you ask?

Fatally Yours Chocolates by Vegan Treats
This very pretty little booklet describing each of the chocolates. But the best way to find out how what the chocolates taste like…

Fatally Yours Chocolates by Vegan Treats
Is to take a bite!

I ate a few pieces this morning for breakfast, everything has been wonderful so far. I’m saving the Twix skull for last, I just know it will be amazing.

Have you tried the Fatally Yours collection? What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day treat?

3 reasons it’s great to be single on Valentine’s Day

halfpriced chocolate

1. You can eat all the chocolate yourself. And if you’re buying it for yourself, doesn’t matter if it’s a day or two late with a giant bright orange 80% off sticker on the front.

2. Since you’re not going to be kissing anyone, your Valentine’s Day dinner can be loaded with garlic. Enjoy.

3. You can watch chick flicks all night and bawl your eyes.

Okay, maybe these are just for single ladies. Guys, you’re on your own.

However you celebrate, wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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<3 Valentine’s Day for singles <3

Yes, this involves more cookies. You know, Valentine’s Day is a day for love (and sweets), and love (and sweets) is for everybody. So, single friends, let’s make our Valentine’s Day awesome! What follows is a slightly modified version of my sugar cookie recipe, along with a few pictures of how I make my favorite VDay cookies. I made a half recipe.

20140213 Valentine Cookies
In this bowl, we have:

Ener-G Egg Replacer, equivalent to one egg
1 C white sugar
1/2 C brown sugar
3/4 C Smart Balance
3/4 C coconut milk beverage
1/2 tsp vanilla

20140213 Valentine Cookies2
In this bowl we have:

1/4 tsp salt
4 1/2 tsp baking powder
4 1/2 C flour (I did 3 1/2 C white flour and 1 C oat flour)
cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg to taste
Optional: A few pinches of nutritional yeast
Mix dry ingredients…

20140213 Valentine Cookies3
Mix wet.

20140213 Valentine Cookies4
Mix dry into wet a little at a time, until…

20140213 Valentine Cookies5
dough forms. After a while it started getting hard to mix with the handmixer, so I took my ring off and did it by hand. Don’t be afraid to get a little messy, it’s fun!

20140213 Valentine Cookies6
Now, tear off a chunk of dough and roll it out 1/4″ to 1/8″, depending on the cookie cutter you’re using. For HRM cutters, it’s somewhere in between there.

20140213 Valentine Cookies8
In this case they can be thicker because I’m using a pattern I made myself, and I don’t have to press it in. I simply drew a human heart onto a thin piece of cardboard, cut out the shape, and I lay it on the cookie dough. (Yes, I know I’m not the best artist)

20140213 Valentine Cookies9
Now take a little knife, I use a paring knife…

20140213 Valentine Cookies10
and cut out the shape, staying as close to the pattern as possible.

Place them on an ungreased cookie sheet and bake at 350 for about 8 minutes, or until they are lightly browned around the edges. Don’t over-bake them, or they’ll get really hard!!

20140213 Valentine Cookies14
Here they are with the other cookies I did, we’ll get to the others in a bit.

20140213 Valentine Cookies21
I made an icing with 1/4 C confectioners sugar, red food coloring, a little raspberry extract (to taste), and water. Add water just a tiny bit at a time. You want the icing to be loose enough to spread easily, but thick enough that it won’t run all over the place.
I spread mine on the main part of the heart with a small butter knife, then use the tip of the handle of a food-grade paintbrush to do the drop of blood. Let the icing dry.

20140213 Valentine Cookies22
Voila. Bleeding heart Valentine’s cookies! Eat them all yourself, or share them with some other lonely person. Haha. Half joking…! They also look great in hot pink, or with sprinkles.

20140213 Valentine Cookies11
Now, if you’re using an HRM cutter, dip it in flour, then tap it on the side of a bowl to get the excess flour off.

20140213 Valentine Cookies12
Then you can really press it hard into the dough and wiggle it around a little to make a clear impression, and you shouldn’t have any problems with the dough sticking. These were for Mr. Lincoln’s birthday yesterday :)

20140213 Valentine Cookies15
Now, for the icing for my Abe bust cookies, I did 1/4 C confectioners sugar, 1 Tbsp dark cocoa powder, a little vanilla, a little water.

20140213 Valentine Cookies16
Mix it up. Yeah, it might not look too pretty, but it tastes good.

20140213 Valentine Cookies17
Again, I apply with a butter knife.

20140213 Valentine Cookies18
All done.

20140213 Valentine Cookies19
I think he approves,

20140213 Valentine Cookies20
although I still think some of them look more like JFK. Oh well.

How are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day?