My Yoyo Diet :D

Sorry I’ve been MIA, the charger for my laptop died just as Greek Week ended. I have a bunch of stuff saved up, but for now this is what I can do from my phone!

I started using earlier this week…

You keep track of everything you eat and drink,

and it counts calories and shows all the nutrients for the day (more than this! You can track vitamins and minerals).

You also track how much you exercise, and you can earn extra calories! Woohoo!!!!

This is what you see at the end if the day, it’s good motivation! I had a much better day than this on Wednesday, but…then I went on vacation. I’ll have to start fresh Monday.

Except I just went to Whole Foods and loaded up on vegan junk food, but I will try really hard to eat it in moderation. We’ll see how that goes.

Anyone else use MyFitnessPal?