Vegan in Grand Rapids

Looking for vegan-friendly restaurants in Grand Rapids, MI, or a place to grab vegan groceries? Check out this growing list of places I’ve visited – I will continue to add as I find new spots.

Think the list is missing a great place I need to check out? Let me know in the comments below!


Bombay Cuisine
The One Already-Vegan Item on the Menu

Brewery Vivant
Brown Rice Risotto and Walk-thru

Brick Road Pizza
Check out the New Back Room
How to Tell if You Accidentally Got Real Cheese on What Was Supposed to be a Vegan Pizza
A Loaded Pizza & Vegan Spinach Artichoke Dip
Loaded Potato Pizza & Vegan Goat Cheese

Vegan Sofritas

Cult Pizza
Take a Tour, and Look at these Giant Slices!

Curry Kitchen
Made Vegan Upon Request

Derby Station
Meatless Mondays and More Tons of options!

El Arriero
Pretty Much All the Vegan Stuff You Can Have at This Place

Erb Thai
Leafless Lime Leaf Curry

Ridiculous Allergy Menu, Few Options

Furniture City Creamery
Awesome Vegan Ice Cream & Sweets

Global Infusion
Tea, Cookies & Other Treats

Check out the Veg items & Prices at Another Ethiopian Restaurant in GR
See most of the menu

Jonny B’z Dogs and More!
Veggie Dog Options

Lai Thai Kitchen
Huge Portions

Lindo Mexico
Appetizers & Vegetarian Burritos

Little Africa Ethiopian Cuisine
Exterior & combo platter
the Beets
Interior, and takeout
Combo Detail Scroll down to the middle of the post.

Marie Catrib’s
A Tour of Marie’s
Bubba’s Deal, freshly pickled pickles
Spicy Peanut Soup
The Beauty of Marie’s
Take a Peek at the Deli

Propaganda Doughnuts
Vegan Yeast Risen Doughnuts
Vegan doughnuts are occasionally available. Watch their facebook page (linked above) for a list of available doughnuts each day. They also sometimes have gluten free!

Pump House
Nondairy Options

Rise Grand Rapids
Vegan & Gluten Free Donuts

Vegan-friendly Soft Serve

A Look at the Bar, a Peek at the Menu

Thai Express
Very Accommodating Thai

Tavern on the Square
Meager Offerings

Veggie Dog, No Cheese


Apple Valley Natural Foods
Blog post coming soon! No produce. Smaller than Harvest Health, but great for picking up staple items and vegan treats/faux foods.

Dollar Tree Dollar Store
Vegan at the Dollar Store A few items of interest, including Just Mayo!
Chef Ernesto’s Samosas, Veggie Burgers, and Battered Mushrooms

I haven’t done a review in a blog post yet since so far I’ve only had produce delivered, but I definitely recommend checking this out if you live in the greater Grand Rapids area. Organic produce delivered right to your door, and they’re working on expanding other offerings as well. So far there isn’t much else for vegans besides some salads from the deli and a few snacks, but keep checking back! This is very convenient for people that want to cut down on shopping time.

Harvest Health Foods
Blog post coming soon! But both locations stock organic produce, dried goods, and spices, and tons of vegan treats and faux foods.

Vegan at Meijer Last updated in August of 2015

Closed Restaurants :(

Chicago 7 Pizzeria (Update: now CLOSED)
Personal Pizza & Bread Sticks

Gaia (Update: now CLOSED)
Veggie Hash & Vegan Protein Bar

15 thoughts on “Vegan in Grand Rapids

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    • I’ll add it as soon as I have a review! I’ve actually tried to do it twice, but it’s so dark in there I haven’t been able to get good pictures. I will try again soon :)


      • If by chance you want to meet me there, I’ll treat … I’ve supply locally foraged wild mushrooms to Bartertown for a few years now … and thus have a huge credit. In either case, it needs to be on your site! :)

        The pizza place next door (formerly CVLT Pizza) is also excellent, with lots of Vegan options. It was renamed The Pizza Experiment and now has a slightly different approach, and decor … it actually opens today (I was there yesterday supplying some dehydrated locally foraged mushrooms … was given a pizza to try … best pizza, by far, in town). This is a perfect place for you to review for “Pizza Week” … I’ve got credit there too, so let me know. :)

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