It’s Happening: The Big Move

Oh She Cooks Moves to Orthodox and Vegan
Okay, I know it looks like pretty much like the same website (for now), but I’m currently working on refining the content and is becoming I finally made the transfer to and I’m so excited for all the changes to come!

In the near future (hopefully by Pascha), visitors to this old thing will be redirected to the new site.

And lucky for all of you, I’m currently unemployed and should have plenty of time for blogging. I am looking forward to spending more time together :D Hope you will join me on my new adventure! I’m going to be migrating all my followers to the new site. If for some reason you no longer receive emails from me or see me in your reader, please subscribe at Orthodox and Vegan.

Thanks for your support!!


BIG Changes!!!!!

Oh She Cooks
Sorry I’ve been so absent this Lent! While I’ve had some major changes in my personal life, I figured I might as well make a couple big changes with my blog while I’m at. Sooo….I’m finally making the move to! The transfer is nearly complete, aside from moving over all my subscribers. That will probably happen next week, and when it does, you will notice the blog also has a new name. You’ll have to try to guess what it is for now because I’m not going to share until I’m ready for the Big Switch.

I know the past couple years many of you enjoyed the spiritual posts each day during Great Lent and I’m sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with that this year, but I hope you’ll get even more out of the somewhat-new format of the new blog.

For now, you can check out the Orthodox Stuff page here.

Check back next week to get more info about the new blog!

Almsgiving Opportunity of the Week: Project Mexico

St. Nicholas Almsgiving Icon

St. Nicholas brings a dowry in secret

Again, we are given time by our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ for the seeds of almsgiving to fall upon our hearing. Again, Christ has given us the sower to imitate, who sowed his seed on good earth, and from it reaped a hundred-fold. For behold the message which is proclaimed from his hands. Behold the theater of almsgiving that has been gathered. For within have been called the lovers of God, and the lovers of honor and the lovers of the poor. Those who fervently desire crowns are called. For God is standing by, He Who grants confirmation, receiving the little money given by the lovers of the poor, and granting them the Kingdom of Heaven. I entreat you, let none of us forfeit this grace. Let none of us neglect this great and world-transcending gift for a little money: no poor man, nor rich man, nor servant, nor free man, nor wise man, nor worker, nor man, nor woman. But I entreat all of you, with diligence let us purchase the Kingdom of Heaven.

-St. John Chrysostom

Lent is not only a time of abstaining from certain foods, but also a time of repentance, a time for increased prayer, and a time of increased almsgiving. In this spirit, I’ve decided to bring you one almsgiving opportunity each week. Admittedly, this first one is self-serving. In August I’ll be going with a group of about 25 people to Project Mexico at St. Innocent Orphanage. We’ll spend a week building a home for a family in need. The trip will cost approximately $1300 per person, and we’re asking for contributions to cover this cost. The funds are used to pay for plane tickets, van rental, one night in a hotel (the rest of the time we camp out on the property of St. Innocent Orphanage), building materials, and other expenses related to building the home. You can make a general contribution to the group, or for those of you that know me, put my name in the comments and your contribution will help cover my personal expense.

Click HERE to Visit the GoFundMe Page for Project Mexico: Team Grand Rapids, MI, to Make a Donation Today
Project Mexico Home Building
And if possible, please also share our GoFundMe page on facebook or via email. Your contribution can make a big difference in the life of a family in Mexico.

“Because of the prosperity that most of us enjoy, it is difficult to truly understand the basic and fundamental challenges that exist just beyond our borders. Only minutes south of one of California‚Äôs favorite vacation destinations, you will find Tijuana, Mexico, a city not only of considerable size and history, but of significant human poverty and hardship as well. With a population of over 1.3 million residents, it is sobering to appreciate that nearly half of them live on less than $200 (USD) per month. . . .
Since 1988, Project Mexico & St. Innocent Orphanage has been building secure, safe and weather-tight homes for some of the most impoverished families in northern Mexico. Built strictly by volunteer labor, these homes provide families economic security and hope for a brighter future. While serving these families, the volunteers discover that they have been transformed. Through their service to others, they realize that they have received much more than they had given. To date, we have hosted well over 11,000 volunteers on our 16 acre ranch as we continue to humbly bear the burdens of others in the name of Christ.”