Junk Food Fix

Apparently I’m stuck on the same kinds of junky foods, but luckily I’ve been able to come up with slightly healthier versions of some of them. Since I’ve done so many variations of the same things, I decided to add sub-categories to this page. Let’s begin with My Most Popular Recipe of All Time:

Fried Pickles & Ranch – Baked and Veganized! A Pinterest favorite :)

And the rest…

Philly Cheesesteak Qrunch Donut
Donut Sandwich
Grilled Daiya Cheez & Beans
Meaty Grilled Cheez n Crackers

Burrito with Tahini Sauce
Veggie Burger Pie (no faux meat!)
Buffalo Tofu
Fried Green Tomatoes

And don’t forget to celebrate Pizza Week with me each year during the last seven days before Great Lent begins!
Tortilla Pizza (quick fix)
Basic Dough & Sauce
Injera Pizza with Berbere
Reuben Pizza
Chili Cheese Chick Dog Pizza
Mexican Pizza
Mexican Pizza #2
Spinach Pizza with Tahini Mozzarella Sauce
Eggplant & Garlic Pizza
Onions-three-ways Pizza
Neapolitan Pizza
Eggplant Pizza
Pulled Jackfruit Pizza with Corn Tortilla White Sauce

Chili Cheez Fries
Chili Cheez Fries #1
Deluxe Cheesy Fries (with roasted veggies)
Deconstructed Chili Cheez Fries

Original Tahini Nacho Cheez Sauce Recipe
Middle Eastern Nachos
Nutty Nachos
Split Chickpea Nachos
Wayfare MexiCheddar Nachos
Nachos with Daiya Cheese

Popcorn with Buttery Frank’s Red Hot Sauce
Spicy Popcorn with Olive Oil & Nutritional Yeast
Spirulina Popcorn
Dijon Mustard Popcorn
Kelpy Corn

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