Lovely Letter from the BFF

It’s been a while since I shared any of my snail mail with you. I haven’t been sending out a ton of it myself lately, but today I received something from my BFF.

2015-2-24 squirrel snail mail stationery
This is actually from a set of cards I gave her for Christmas, I found them at Salvation Army (we like to do cheap, free, or homemade gifts). I thought the needlepoint squirrel was so sweet! When she opened the package, it turned out it was printed on plain old paper – not even card stock! But it does the job.

You may notice she colored around the edges of the envelope to make it extra special. Thanks, BFF!

2015-2-24 cursive stationery letter
It is so very rare people our age write in cursive anymore, and to top it off I think she wrote with a felt-tip pen. I love the thick, gorgeous letters. That is my Lenten treat for today :)

Rad and Hungry: FRANCE

I haven’t posted anything on snail mail in a long time, but I’ve gotten some really cool stuff lately. Yesterday I received the new France kit from Rad and Hungry!

I love the packaging. I miss the boxes they used to come in, but they make the envelopes look awesome. The packaging on the inside is great, too, and I love unwrapping everything. I thought I’d take tons of pictures so you can enjoy the experience with me…

20140409-224252.jpg 20140409-224310.jpg
20140409-224324.jpg 20140409-224339.jpg
Stickers!!!! I must find a way to reuse them.

The outer package. Love the gold RAH sticker.

Undo the first fold, and what’s inside…

the invoice. This is a little bit of a spoiler for me since I don’t check ahead to see what will be in the kit (these packages are a Christmas gift, so the all the emails about the kits go to my dad. I have ignored all my RAH emails and refrained from looking at the website so I’ll be surprised!), but you still don’t know what everything will look like. So, no harm, really. And I’m very fond of that orange paper. Next:

A handwritten letter, each kit comes with one! What a special touch :)

The letter was written on the back of this print, on heavy card stock.

On this fancy sheet, we learn about RAH,

and the trip to France.

And more about France.

Now moving on to the inner package. I don’t know why, but I really love the string it’s tied with and I always save it. I think it reminds me of a makeshift prayer rope I have, it’s the same kind of string.

This was on the back.

Ooooh, wonder what it says…

Huh. I still wonder what it says. I will have to look it up! Now let’s open the little package…

Oh my gosh…getting excited…

YES!!! Look at this cool little notepad!!!! What else is in there?!

Oooh, a bigger notepad!

I love the pastel colors, and the way the lines are spaced. What shall I use it for? But wait. I feel something else in the package.

Pencils. Three pencils!

The pink one is so pretty,

and the triangle pencil is fun to hold :)

So that’s an RAH kit. If you have a little splurge money and love office supplies, I recommend ordering a kit or a whole set of them. You can buy a package deal and have a kit delivered every month! For the longest time I just saved everything and never used it because each item is so cool and I didn’t want to ruin the notebooks and things with my messy handwriting, or use up a pencil or run out of ink, but finally this year I decided I shouldn’t let them go to waste. So either I’m going to use the stuff (I have started using one notebook and one pen out of everything I’ve received over the years), or I’m going to start an office supply museum.

snail mail

I haven’t been keeping up with my snail mail posts like I was during the summer, but I received and sent a few things recently I thought I would share.

20131127 snail mail
This lovely postcard, and a letter with scribbles and Hello Kitty stickers were sent from Austin, TX. They were a nice surprise :)

20131127 snail mail scarf
I also won something from Ting over at The Good Life! This beautiful handmade scarf, and a MacroBar. The scarf is about as long as me, and wraps around my neck three times with room leftover to make a knot. I’ve been wearing it almost every day since it arrived right when it started to get really cold.

20131127 snail mail scarf2
The package came on a day when I had to hurry and start raking leaves right when I got home from work, so I could finish before dark. I didn’t have time to make something to eat, so I was very happy to have the MacroBar. It doesn’t taste like candy or anything like a Luna Bar, but it has a nice flavor and I might buy a few for myself.

20131127 snail mail2
These are the letters and postcard I sent in response…

20131127 snail mail3
the little owl is for my honorary niece, the one who sent the Hello Kitty art.

Last week I also found some cute boxes left behind to be thrown out after an event at the church. After the holiday weekend I’m going to bake up some cookies to send out in them.